Keepsake Bears

The last 12 months I have been working on a design for what I call a Keepsake/Memory Bear and after many attempts to get it right with various designs, I think I’ve come up with a lovely idea.
It all came about when our beautiful daughter Kate passed away very suddenly in May 2014 from a Brain Tumor ….she was only 34 certainly too young to die….Will and I are deeply saddened and heartbroken at losing our Darling girl…..who is forever in our thoughts every day. She died in Budapest and we returned to Australia with her ashes and decided we wanted to put some inside a teddy bears tummy so we can sit her on the sofa and we can give her a hug anytime we feel the need….I find this very comforting. So I’m sure others would greatly benefit from the comfort a keepsake bear can give. In the body of the bear is a zippered pocket which is lined with satin and in there you can place any number of things like…Jewelry or a lock of hair or even love letters the list is endless really.
Please take a look at the Keepsake Bears available and get in touch if you would like a keepsake bear made especially for your loved ones.

       Keepsake bear - Angelina  Keepsake Bears  Keepsake bear - Angelina2